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But if you don't know what I'm talking about, Tsunade gives a mission to Sasuke and Sakura in which they are to take care of a baby that seems to belong to Itachi because it posesses the sharingan and its obviously not Sasuke's. Adult manga online. I had a great time last night. Thu Jun 15, 7: She then moaned, as if wanting more.

They had to get a scroll hidden deep in the mountains of The Land Hidden in The Rocks, far away from any trace of civilization. Sasusaku doujinshi hot. After Sakura told Ino about what happened between her and Sasuke the night before, she asked: I'll probably scan some more in the future.

Select your favorite video and adjust the loop range with our tool. Luckily I get tons of money every year and its easy to persuade my mum and if I have the money my bro will buy it for me. Then why the fuck are you reading it?

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A Hot Make-Out Moment. Free adult audio stories. Hope you all enjoy it! So what about it? Once I get a scanner I will scan it for you all to see and maybe one of you can translate it for me. Flashback to the night before A sudden uneasy feeling ran up her spine and she looked around, seeing a pair of eyes trained on her from the bushes.

The tents were out up and a fire was made, thanks to Sasuke's fireball jutsu, just as the sun was beginning to set. Two shot stories in this one.

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