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Girl squirting pee

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As it turns out, during orgasm some women per cent experience the involuntary emission of fluid ranging from 30 to mL.

Thank you for the information you provide. Humiliating medical exams. Seven exclusively manual years later, I got my first vibrator, a gift from a friend given after one in a series of bad break-ups. If cancer can do this then what about those younger women who have a lot of clear water being discharged from her cervix and out of her vagina who do not have cancer.

I can pre right after gushing repeatedly. Just like it is for men with a hard on or after sex. Girl squirting pee. Since there is probably a significant release for those women who love it, that adds to their pleasure. I kept fingering her out of of curiosity and my fingers were drenched.

The one gentleman was correct. So, what is female ejaculate made of then?

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In other words, male ejaculate is a known, vital and lively substance.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This still makes female ejaculation different from urine.

However, this was an exploratory study trying to find the origin of something that no one else had a better explanation for. Hot guys on beach. The fluid that is ejaculated is clear or white, that looks quite different urine. Girl squirting pee. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Then the researchers left the room again, and the women continued going at it until they squirted. Women who ejaculate tend to have strong PC muscles and no sign of incontinence in their regular lives.

So some women pee during sex. This varies from woman to woman, meaning that, physiologically, not every woman can squirt, even with the proper education.

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